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Club Penguin membership glitch


We have found an amazing glitch!

We have found one of the secret Club Penguin servers where they control everything, I tested it, became a member for free and even got a beta tester hat!

I will now share the link with the rest of you since I already tried it on 10 different accounts



RH Ship Breaks Down!

Hey, I’m having problems with my Windows Vista Mod so right now I can’t upload any pics so I’ll just have to give you the link: 

Also, don’t forget to check out my new updated page & new page:

 Anywayzz Ugly pic for httsp:// will be uploaded within 2 hrs. Ok??  Byee 😀

Yo2boy Blog Update!

Hey, I’ve updated the CP Music Video’s page.  To view it Click Here  <—    Anywayzz Byee 😀

Fiesta Party Is Here!!

Hi, I know I’m late but what’s to worry? Fiesta Party will shake shake shake your worries out! Have fun! Enjoy the party! It ends tomorrow 10 am. Anywayzz Here’s the Free Item & Pin: 



 Anywayzz Check out my new page at:  Byee 😀

CP Ninja’s Page is Done!

Hi, the CP Ninja’s page is complete! Check it out!! CP Ninja Page is Done!! Thanks to these following people: Legoless, Chewwit Dude, Paperyoshiii, Chris Hendricks ( rsnail ), James Taylor ( Billybob ) & all the other CP Mods who released the Info! Anywayzz Byee 😀

New Page Added!

Ello Mate,

 Today Since we got up to 11,000 Yo2-Hits, I added a New Page to the site! Check it out!

 Anywayzz Byee 😀

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