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Club Penguin membership glitch


We have found an amazing glitch!

We have found one of the secret Club Penguin servers where they control everything, I tested it, became a member for free and even got a beta tester hat!

I will now share the link with the rest of you since I already tried it on 10 different accounts



New Game in Beta Testing Again!!

HHHeeeeeeyyy!!!!!,  Yo2boy’zz  Back with Great News! I was just CP Blog searching in Google 12 min. Ago & found Cirt’s website. I used to go to his before I found out about Watex’s. Anywayzz, On his site he posted that he found a new game in Beta Testing Similar to PBE ( Polar Bear Express )! It’s called:  Planet Cazmo! To go to the site here’s the link: !!

 In Other News: CP Team Updated the Chat Filter Last Week. Check Watex for more info at: !  Byee 😀  ( Wonder what Yo2-Hits I have? I Barly Check These Days!!)

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