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Club Penguin membership glitch


We have found an amazing glitch!

We have found one of the secret Club Penguin servers where they control everything, I tested it, became a member for free and even got a beta tester hat!

I will now share the link with the rest of you since I already tried it on 10 different accounts



Mission 6 is out!!!


I’ll hand write the how to solve mission 6 myself!

1st-Talk To G!

The crab translator starts then Booom! It explodes!

😆  then G looks so hilarious anyways I gotta find that crab because it escaped!

crabes1.png Go Through The door Here then go right then you’ll see the crab again he will go through another door which leads to the Sport Shop!

Tip: You Can just use your map and go to the Ski Village!

crabescapes1.png Then Head Towards the Sport Shop Door or use your map!

Then You Are at The Ski Village the crab will jump on to the ski lifts and there are 2 penguins! You can ask them where they went! Beside aren’t these penguins familiar? I think they were from the comic the three dee dimension!

Anyways go up the Ski Lift and the crab will go to the other side of the mountain where we have tested G’s sled in the test drive! And you are rolling down the mountain with the crab! D


You will end up at the same place where you crashed in Mission #2 G’s Secret Sled!

The Wilderness!

Go Right and you will see the crab heading towards the puffle o’s bushes,

Dang the puffle o’s bush is empry! but go left and you will see that crab escaping again!

then the crab will go towards a cave yep the same place you slept in mission 2! the same old cave!


then the crab will go through the door a puffle sized door!

Dang, I can’t get in!

but I thought there had to be a black puffle around the one who helped me in Mission #2 but poor him he is sooo hungry! (

Ok so go right from the cave to an area then you will see the Puffle!

The Puffle is hungry, so go left to another opening! if you did mission 2 then you’ll know what im talking about!

There you will see a bag of puffle o’s hidden in a tree but how do i get it down?


Ok Select your secret agent spy phone from your inventory!  then click on tools, select the scissors and use it to cut down the rope!

Then collect the bag of puffle o’s! then go back to where you found the Hunry Black Puffle and give him a peice of puffle o’s!

Then he will become your friend! Now go to the back to the cave with the puffle door! And select another puffle o and put it near the door and click your  mouse! You will throw the puffle o inside the puffle door and the black puffle will open the door for you!

Enter the cave and suddenly you are trapped! by who? Guess!

The Polar Bear!!!!!

The Polar Bear tells his story about how he hates the dolsd and bla bla bla until he said he wanted to chop the Ski Lodge down which made my jaws drop!

So then you must find a way to get out! (

Luckily i found a way!

Ill post pictures so you know what to do!

1st thing!


2nd of all!


3rd of all!!


Now you are free!

And in this picture you have to pick up these items! Dont forget to take the “Electro Magnet 3000″ if you want an extra award! 😉



Ok Now put the hook or pickaxe and put it together with a rope!

And now go to the dorr and oh ur trapped! now use the hhot flame pepper sauce and put it on a puffle os!

then give it to the black puffle!


Now go back to the same place you are when you tumbled down with the crab!


Ok now use your hook and rope (climbing hook) to climd up the Mountain!

now go to the Ski lodge and go to the door with the gone fishing sign on it!


Now put a puffle o over the Polar bear’s head then  he says he is hungry then he askes for SeedWeed pizza!

Go to the pizza parlour and order a Seedweed pizza!

then go back to the Ski Lodge and again give the pizza to the polar Bear!

quick! while he busy chewing click the lever on the machine! then the Polar bear finishes eating and turns on the machine except the machine ends up going backwards! and the polar bear and crab goes falls into the icey water, then G comes by! he says Good job Agent! now G receives a call and its by the Polar bear!

He says it’s not over or something like that!

And now you are done!

Ill post a video for the secret agents video page! so if you need help you can go there later in the future!

And I just finished the mission 6! Ill update the guide because its almost done do not know if there is a extra award but i’ll keep an lookout! ;)


 Note from Yo2boy: Hi, Today the new mission came out but maybe by the time you read this watex might’ve posted a guide but Right now as I am typing this Watex hasn’t posted ANYTHING! Like, whenever something happens in CP Watex is like one of the first to post it on WordPress but this time he didn’t well he might’ve posted it but why so late? Comment on his website to be a Author so whenever he’s busy with life someone could post for him. Anywayzz…, WHO HAD FUN WITH THE MISSION??? I’D SAY IT WAS REEEAAALLLYYYY FUN! HOW ‘BOUT YOU??? CHALLENGING??   

Bluesoulxo: Ok 2 other penguins mohd222 and Aguair hasn’t posted ANYTHING about the new mission either! and I think the new mission was funny at first!  but it was an great mission, especially during the where you get stuck in a cage and you have to find your way out!



 Anywayzz Byee 😀

Fiesta Party Is Here!!

Hi, I know I’m late but what’s to worry? Fiesta Party will shake shake shake your worries out! Have fun! Enjoy the party! It ends tomorrow 10 am. Anywayzz Here’s the Free Item & Pin: 



 Anywayzz Check out my new page at:  Byee 😀

New Theater And Yellow Puffle!

 Hi, Today is the GRAND OPENING of the New Theater in the Plaza! And, inside is a very cool stage and there’s two balconies where……… The Yellow Puffle Appears! Here’s how you do it:


1. You Click The #1 Puffle Sculpture then the 2nd.

2. You Check Either Balconies if it appears. Here’s an example:

 yo2boy-yellowpuffle2.jpg There you go! The Yellow Puffle’s Final Hiding Spot! Next Week we might be able to get one if  The Club Penguin Times makes another article about it!

PS. Check Watex’s New Glitches at:

 Anywayzz Byee 😀

Secret Of The Fur !!!!!!

 Hi, Today Watex & Me where one of the 1st people to play the new secret agent mission:  Secret Of The Fur !

  Here’s the Walkthrough:

1. Click on your spy phone. Click on the Tools. Use the comb to get the pink fur out of the Furensic analyzer.

2. It will analyze the fur automatically.

3. Talk to G again. He will give you the old white fur. Analyze it in the machine.

4. Click on the Map in the upper left corner. Go to the Pizza Parlor (its in the Plaza) and talk to the penguin. Ask if you can use some of the ingredeince as evidence.

5. Put a bottle of hot sauce and chocolate sauce in your inventory, & also get a candle off one of the dining tables.

6. (optional) Talk to the penguin again, get the pizza, and give it to the penguin that is ice fishing at the back of the ski lodge (go to the Ski Village, then into the Lodge, then into the Door that says ‘Ice Fishing’).

7. Go to the coffee shop (in the town) & talk to the penguin.

8. He will talk for a while, then he will show you a drawing.

9. Talk to him again about hot chocolate, & he will say the machine is broken and ask you to fix it. Click on the machine behind the penguin.

10. Put the mug under the hot chocolate drain & use the wrench (in your spy phone) to fix the milk hose on the left. Put chocolate sauce (from your bottle) in the bowl at the top.

11. Click the Knob on the right to change it from ‘Cold’ to ‘Hot’. Now Push the button to get hot chocolate. Now Pick up the Hot Chocolate Mug (filled with hot chocolate) & put it in your inventory.

12. Go to the gadget room in the HQ (teleport to the HQ using your spy phone), get the AC1000 (its a fan) & put it into your inventory.

13. Go to the Lighthouse beacon (go to the Beach, then go into the Lighthouse, talk to the penguins, then go upstairs). Keep walking right until you see the Jet Pack Fuel floating in the air with the balloon. Click on the AC1000 so you’re holding it. Then click on the fuel to start blowing it & then cut the string that’s holding the balloon with your scissors (spy phone)

14. Then go to the Gadget Room again and talk to G.

15. Tell G you have all the items and pour each into Goggles Funnel. (Pour the fuel, then the hot sauce, & then the Cup of Hot Chocolate)

16. Once you pour in the liquids, pick up the goggles and go inside the lighthouse.

17. Pick up the rope that is in the Red boat.

18. Go outside the lighthouse & get the Grey Net (that’s next to the tray of fish)

19. Put the rope and net together to get a Trap.

20. Go to where the penguin was ice fishing and put down the Trap on the near or on the tree branch above the Ice Fishing Hole.

21. Put the candle down on the Trap as bait.

22. A crap will get caught in the trap and the mysterious animal will run away. A white tuft of fur will be left behind.

23. Pick up the crab and the white fur and take it to G in the Gadget Room.

24. Talk to G and then give him the Crab.

25. Talk to him again and then Analyze the white fur (put it into the slot on the left of the machine) and you will find out its a polar bear!

26. YOU HAVE FINISHED THE MISSION! Get the Medal and Box of Pizza as your reward!

 Thankz To WATEX for this Info!  

 PS. There are going to be a new mission around Janurary-Feburary 2008 about the Polar Bear coming to Club Penguin from the North Pole!

 PSS. Remember the Sneek Peek I posted on friday? Well, that’s where the polar bear shadow was taken place! So, whenever Billybob post’s a Sneek Peek on Secret Agent Missions there is a likely chance that the Mission is based on that location!
Also, Here are the codes for the items: Medel: 810 Pizza: 811
Anywayzz Byee 😀

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