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Club Penguin membership glitch


We have found an amazing glitch!

We have found one of the secret Club Penguin servers where they control everything, I tested it, became a member for free and even got a beta tester hat!

I will now share the link with the rest of you since I already tried it on 10 different accounts



CP Sneek & Watex’s New ToolBar


Hello Penguins!

October is always a big month in Club Penguin and this year is no different!  Over the next 4 weeks there will be a ton of new stuff including the Costume Catalog (with some new costumes and a few old favorites), a new Furniture Catalog, 2 parties, 4 contests, a brand new way to decorate your penguin, and lots more!  I was able to grab a sneak peek of some of the decorating that the CP Team is working on for the Halloween Party.  I think this pic is the Forest!!.

In other news:  The Costume Catalog comes out This Friday so be sure to earn & save your coins.  There is some really fun stuff in there!

_ _ _ _ _

Also, This is all about Watex’s ToolBar From his site!!

Here, Check it out:

” Hi, I released this a while ago, but not many people knew about it.

Its my Club Penguin toolbar!! Get it here:

You can go Directly to Club Penguin, my chatbox, my blog, my funny pics, my RH finding guide, my secret agents page and a lot more through it. You can also send messages to all the other club penguiners who are using it at any time (and so can I!). And it comes with a pop-up blocker.
The toolbar also notifies you IMMEDIATELY if I post a new post on my blog, like I’m doing now.

Here’s a picture of it and labels showing what it does: 

Its up to you if you want to use it. You don’t have to.


Watex– Chillax! “.  Cool Eh..?

 Anyways……. Byee 😀

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