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Fireworks in CP & More!

Hi, On Dec.28 Club Penguin begun showing Fireworks at the Iceberg & at the Mountin Top. Take a look:



 Also, In the Telescope located in the Beacon There is a small Iceberg/Ice chunk floating. Maybe it’s going to act like the Iceberg  in the movie Titanic & maybe try to sink the Migrator?? Who knows?? Anywayzz here’s the pic:


 In Other News: Mission 6 might be available in Janurary-March 2008.  Byee 😀


New Game in Beta Testing Again!!

HHHeeeeeeyyy!!!!!,  Yo2boy’zz  Back with Great News! I was just CP Blog searching in Google 12 min. Ago & found Cirt’s website. I used to go to his before I found out about Watex’s. Anywayzz, On his site he posted that he found a new game in Beta Testing Similar to PBE ( Polar Bear Express )! It’s called:  Planet Cazmo! To go to the site here’s the link: !!

 In Other News: CP Team Updated the Chat Filter Last Week. Check Watex for more info at: !  Byee 😀  ( Wonder what Yo2-Hits I have? I Barly Check These Days!!)

It’s Christmas on Club Penguin!

Aloha Penguins!

Update: CP Might add 1 more Christmas item so check maybe next week to see what the new item is!

The Wreath Pin is at the Ski Lodge…


The Santa Hats are at the Snow Forts!


The Reindeer Antlers is at the Dock!


an Here is a picture of 4 of my oldest penguins!

~Aquablue001 she is 123 days old my 1st penguin ever!


~Bluesoulxo he is 122 days old! my 2nd Oldest Penguin


~Black Soulxo he is 115 days old and my 3rd oldest penguin!


~Yo2dude he is 100 days old  my 4th oldest penguin!




Coins For Change Event!

Aloha Penguins!


ok, to donate coins go to either the Plaza or the beach and donate and theres a stand with a coins for change sign on it! You can donate as much coins you wish to donate! and theres also a free item which is the bell at the plaza or dock!


If you donate coins to either of the three organizations, you will recive a card!


and the new play


and if you want to give someone a postcard dont forget to send them these postcards as well!


and for the funiture catolog secrets, please go to because i dont have the pictures yet and i am kinda busy too.



CP News

Hi Penguins!

The newspaper is finally here, they will have a new stage theme and coins for change starts tomorrow, theres mostly ads in this newspaper…


and the stage theme is going to be called the Twelvth Fish or soming like that!






Clothing Catologe is out!

Hi, the new Clothing Catologe is out!! For the secrets & where the new pin is check out: ! Byee 😀

CP Ninja’s Page is Done!

Hi, the CP Ninja’s page is complete! Check it out!! CP Ninja Page is Done!! Thanks to these following people: Legoless, Chewwit Dude, Paperyoshiii, Chris Hendricks ( rsnail ), James Taylor ( Billybob ) & all the other CP Mods who released the Info! Anywayzz Byee 😀

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