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Happy Halloween ( Yo2boy & Bluesoulxo )

Yaaaayy, It’s Halloween today in North America!   Have Fun Trick-or- Treating! I am going to Trick-or-Treat with a HUGE Garbage Bag!!!! LOLZZ 😆  Byee 😀



New CP Secret!

Check this out:   WEIRD.

Club Penguin Halloween

 Hi, Check out these Cool pics:


  Check These Out:











New CP News Paper!


 Hi, Sorry for yesterday; I made a Typo in 3,000 Yo2-Hits & More ( I put 2,000 Yo2-Hits  😆 ). So.., Here is the New CP Newspaper! The Contest Winners are in it too! And, The Halloween Section Story is AWESOME!!  Also…………..,    TOMORROW IS THE HALLOWEEN PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 In Other News: CP Team removed the Ninja Shadow from the Light-House  😦  Maybe too much people started Emailing CP Team & I guess that’s why they did that! But, the Shadow in the Logde Mirror is still there!  Anywayzz Byee 😀

Final CP Sneek Peek!


Hello Penguins!

Check out this great picture Billybob got from the Halloween Party! It’s going to be awesome! I hope you are all getting your igloos decorated and costumes ready for the celebration! Remember there is a costume contest this week as well! You can check out last week’s winners in the Club Penguin Times.

In other news: Club Penguin’s 2nd birthday Rocksss!! Make sure you check out the party going on at the Coffee Shop. Its only 1 DAY!!!

The Free item is………….. The Yellow/White Party Hat!! In the Book Room. Also, there is a Year Book in the Library! AND I GOT 3,000 YO2-HITS!!!!!! AROUND 11:40 pm EST! ( I’m getting Popular Reeaally Fasst!!) 

 Anywayzz Byee 😀

lolglitch1.jpg Here’s how u do it:  


 Grr… Billybob lied to us. He said: I would give the Final Sneek Yestarday or Today! But, He didn’t Anywayzz Byee 😀

Brand New Hacking Program!!!!

Hi, Yestarday I was just bored so I went to Youtube & watched Random Vidz. Then, I decided to look for vidz containing CP Hacking! Then, I clicked Date Added & found this CP Money Maker Video : ! I Downloaded it from :! This Program is WAAY BETTER than WPE Pro, CP Trainer 3 & Cheat Engine!

In Other News: The new & last Halloween Sneek Peek might come Today! And, TOMORROW IS CLUB PENGUIN 2ND B-DAY!!!!! Anywayzz come back later today for more Info! Also, 3,000 Yo2-Hits are not so far away! Byee 😀

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